Hei… Traveling story again…

In this post, i would like to share my trip in Lombok. Can i call this vacation? Haha ya may be i can, a short vacation.

Last March i went to Lombok for such a conference program. It was one week, if i’m not mistaken. After the occasion’d done, time to go around Lombok was coming then. It rested me about just one day to explore, because my flight had waited for taking me to Jakarta in the next day.

For you who don’t know Lombok, i will explain you. So, Lombok is one of beautiful island in Indonesia offering you many beautiful landscapes. It has beach, mountain, water fall, culture, and so on to visit. Trust me, when you visit Lombok, it feels like you don’t want to go home, same as what i felt.

My journey started from D’Max Hotel in Lombok. Ya, you know, the last day of the conference, all participants stayed there. So, after i and my friends checked out, we directly left the hotel for Gili Trawangan. This was the advice of our tour Guide.

The trip to Gili Trawangan took more time, so if we didn’t want to miss the boat, he said that we had to get there before noon. And ya we all followed his advice, cause we didn’t know anything about this place. On the way to Gili Trawangan, he stopped in such a place selling ethnic clothes of Lombok. It could be an imitation of Desa Sade.

Desa Sade or Sade Village is one of tourism place in Lombok. This place is the real village of natural Sasak tribe living. There is the real custom home of Sasak tribe. And at the stop place, it provided us the same custom home and there were also showed the process of making traditional dress of Lombok.

Here i give you some picts…


This was the making-process

It was the process of making traditional dress of Sasak Tribe. And how was the clothes?





This one is photo of the custom home or the traditional home

if we could visit the real Desa Sade or Sade Village, it must be more gorgeous. Here i show you the real Desa Sade of Sasak Tribe.

Google downloaded
Google Downloaded
Google downloaded

But ya never mind even we couldn’t visit the real Desa Sade, it stayed feeling awesome.

Leaving that place we continued the way to Gili Trawangan. On our ride, we passed Senggigi Beach. It is very beautiful. Because we had visited Senggigi Beach on the conference program, so we didn’t stop anymore. These are some photos in Senggigi beach.


Camera 360
lovely crazy roommates


Didn’t really take many photos over there unfortunately.

Back again to Gili Trawangan, after we arrived at the port, acctually i was lil’ bit shocked because i didn’t see the ship would across us to the island or the Gili. There were only many speed boat. Well finally we had to chose that transportation. I recommend you guys, if you want to go there, ask your driver to take you to the port, the “really” port.

Finally we use the speed boat to get Gili Trawangan. Here i gave you accumulation of the cost. If you rent the speed boat, it will cost you about one million rupiah or Rp 1.000.000,- ya with some bargain, you can get about Rp 700.000,-. If you take the manual Ship, it won’t spend you more than Rp 50.000,- for go and back.

I know may be you will take more time than using speed boat. But guys, if you are bacpacker type, i really recommend you to not choosing speed boat.

Here are some photos in Gili Trawangan.


After you arrived in the island, you could rent bicycle  to explore it.


The view is very gorgeous guys, you have to come there some days. The water is very clear. It looks half green and blue.


This place is an amazing place to escape. haha lol


lovely girl squad


I recommend you to stay if you want to come to Gili. Because if just have a minute in this paradise is not enough.

A day was not enough for traveling, and it was what i and my friends felt. We plan to go to Kuta Beach after leaving Gili Trawangan, but the driver said that the time was not enough. I was really sad that time, but never mind, we can go there again later. even i don’t know when haha.

Leaving Gili Trawangan, we looked for some gift or souvenir to bring back home. Actually it was a…. i don’t know how to say. Yeah, a speechless trip, i can say that haha.

Oh ya, we also visit Masjid Agung Praya, Great Mosque of Praya and took some photos there. Here are them. Unfortunately again, we didn’t visit Islamic Centre ­čśŽ .



You can fly as high you can.

You can go as far you can.

But remember, don’t forget to go home.

And there will be the lasting home. There is God the one for you coming back.

Amazingly seeing and exploring this beautiful world, You must be more pious if you are a  traveler.

-A half March in Lombok