Assalamualaikum Readers, welcome back to new post. Today I would like to share about healthy life. Anyway I will write in English xD. But please, keep reading. Actually this post is related to my real life. For these 2 years, I have been living in bad thought. I mean, I led my soul to be unhealthy.

Unhealthy soul will effect life badly. For example, I let myself be lazy about having exercise. Last time, I had exercise almost everyday, usually at Morning and afternoon. Of course this good habit influenced my fitness. I got my body slim (haha this is what all girls want. Even I was too skinny -__-) besides that I got myself strong too.

So readers, if you are lazy to have exercise your body will be weak. Second, it is possible that you get your body fatter. We all like eating, specifically I, rice’s always been my favorite haha. So, eating much but have exercise less and have bad metabolism is disaster. Haha actually disaster is too much, but yeah it will be danger for you. So, do not keep laziness and don’t let it damage your soul’s healthy.

Next case is dietary habit. Before we throughout activities, we should prepare it. You have to have breakfast. If you are lazy about having breakfast, it wont be good for your healthy, aka. you could get ulcer or another stomach disease. Again, this laziness kills your positive life, it kills your pure soul haha.

What causes negative mind? Many things actually. One of them is depression or stress. We could not think clearly if we are stressed. Don’t forget, body works from brain’s command. If brain is messed so body will be more chaos. I remember what doctor said, “keep your mind happy”.

If you are facing problem, don’t keep it yourself. Come to your friend, share your pain. Also problem has solution, doesn’t it? Once again don’t keep your pain alone. Once you kept it alone, you will be more depressed. The more you are depressed, the more your body will be unhealthy.

Other tips from me, don’t forget to have ice cream or chocolate whenever you start messed up. It works on me. Start your morning with breakfast, I also have my milk haha. And have exercise even a little before starting days. Actually many things still have to be written. But its okay, we can talk later.

Ciao readers ~

Keep your soul healthy and your body will be health.